The attitudes of stakeholders towards the bmw groups

Stakeholder Mapping by Marie-Louise Arlt, Julian Clayton, Connor Kennel, Margaret Mullins, Lisa Schmechel The key actors in maintaining and promoting transatlantic relations The exercise of stakeholder mapping aimed to identify and examine the network of established relationships that were developed over the past 70 years of bilateral relations between Germany and the US. This memo provides a high level overview of the organizations and individuals that have been operating in traditional roles to promote and maintain transatlantic relations while briefly analyzing the current state of the relationship. This laid the foundations for a close relationship among strong partners turning Germany into a major ally in a politically divided Europe. Thanks to that close alliance, a close partnership developed which surpassed the diplomatic sphere:

The attitudes of stakeholders towards the bmw groups

Fortunately, perceptions are negotiable and can be changed by effective communication. Change perceptions and a change in attitude will follow. There are two key dimensions to attitude considered in my research.

The first is how supportive or opposed the stakeholder is towards the project. The other is how receptive the stakeholder is to communication from the project team. Levels of supportiveness can range from active opposition to active support. What represents a realistic optimum varies.

Environmental activists can never be realistically expected to support a new road through a wilderness area; in this circumstance the realistic optimum may be passive opposition as opposed to active opposition and a communications plan developed to negotiate an outcome that the environmentalists can live with.

Insights into the Unique BMW Group Culture

On the other hand your project sponsor should be an active supporter, if the person is merely a passive supporter communication needs to be planned to engage the stakeholder in actively supporting the success of her project.

Achieving either of these objectives needs open communication. This may involve using other stakeholders in the network around the project to open the communication, using someone else on your team as the messenger, changing the way you communicate or just plain persistence.

The attitudes of stakeholders towards the bmw groups

One of the key factors within your control that will influence the effectiveness of your communication is your personal credibility. For more on credibility see: Communication is a two way process. Only after communication channels are open can you start to listen to the other person and understand their needs, concerns or ambitions.

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Once these are known, you are then in a position to either explain how the current project meets those needs or consider risk mitigation strategies to modify the project to reduce issues and enhance opportunities.

The whole point of stakeholder management is to optimise the overall attitude of the stakeholder community to allow the project to succeed. This is the focus of my on-going research and work and is summarised in the diagram below… Communicating for effect mean that where people are at or above the optimum target attitudes, the purpose of your communication is to maintain the status quo and less important stakeholders who are below your desired optimum need as much effort as can be spared from your limited resources.

You focus your communication efforts where the need is greatest. Remember, a very significant proportion of the risks around most projects are people based.According to this model, the first and foremost step towards successful change management is to unfreeze the attitudes of the stakeholders.

Stakeholders, who include top management, board members, and employees, often have fixed (frozen) attitudes because of their inability to observe problems or limitations of the existing system. The attitude of the employees towards work reflects the strength of the company’s culture.

A great example is the BMW Group culture.

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Founded in , Bavarian Motor Works, also known as BMW, is a German luxury automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company.

Background. Although pharmacists are entrusted to play a role in ensuring the safe and appropriate use of all medicines, in general, the inclusion of complementary medicines (CMs) into their professional practice has not been observed. This study sought into the general attitudes towards automated vehicles, and found overall a positive attitude, and some user groups with more positive attitudes, which could reflect to adopting these vehicles earlier than those with more negative attitudes.

BMW Group Dialogue Rotterdam September , On September , the fourth BMW Group Dialogue will take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands. BMW Group experts will meet with students and stakeholders to discuss the challenges of sustainable urban development.

Daimler-Benz's Move towards the Next Century WITH THE TOWS MATRIX and the goal inputs of stakeholders such as stockholders, employees, suppliers, community, governments and, of course, customers.

and their attitudes towards risks have to be carefully examined for .

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