Skype business strategy

Much has been written about the SfB upgrade process.

Skype business strategy

Along with the pervasive use of Microsoft solutions by enterprises of all sizes, realities are that the combination of the urgency to move to next generation real-time communications and collaboration tools and enterprise interest in going all IP with the adoption of voice over IP VoIP solutions, has increased interest in Skype for Business as the means to do so.

Skype business strategy

In fact, the level of urgency should not be underestimated. It has become a business imperative for not just workers across the enterprise but up and down value chains and for interacting in omnichannel mode to organizations to have the agility, security, accessibility and reliability from their unified communications UC and other tools to transform themselves to optimize performance to meet the necessities of the real-time economy.

It entails having the capabilities to confirm success, including integration of multi-vendor devices, applications, and equipment; inter-branch communication and local survivability, and most importantly — security.

Skype for business - with security and control of Microsoft

If you are in the process of evaluating whether Skype for Business is for your organization, or even if you are in the middle of a deployment, the forthcoming webinar, Simple and Secure: Skype for Business, is something you will wish to put on your calendar.

To be held Thursday, June 16, Indeed, part of the focus of the webinar will be on why any implementation of Skype for Business should consider deployment of a session border controller SBC to help address the challenges and ensure that everything works seamlessly together.

Skype business strategy

Topics to be addressed during the session include:Lync was an unexpected success for Microsoft, but fell victim to the strategy battles at Microsoft which pulled the product first one way and then another. At one stage Skype had three strategy shifts within a nine month period.

If Microsoft for once looks coherent, it's because its business rivals have been chaotic. VXSuite plus Skype for Business offers hosted Skype for Business for your organization.

The Right Tools + The Right People = Lync Project Success!


VXSWAT is team of Lync experts who will help with any and all aspects of your Lync implementation. Enterprises selecting a Microsoft Skype for Business-based solution must choose between multiple on-premises, hosted, cloud and hybrid options.

The telephony capabilities vary widely among these options. This research provides guidance on which approach will best match your enterprise's needs. Watch video · Skype Developer documentation and resources This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Skype had users from every country officially acknowledged by the United Nations As usual in startups, my job description changed from online marketing, to business . Taking into account a possible further integration of Skype video and voice features with Microsoft products such a unique platform of communication may be very attractive and useful for worldwide business audience in implementing communication activities.

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