Route 99 business plan

SUMMARY Description of the business Mission —The mission of Budget Cars will be to buy and sell a desirable mix of quality used cars, trucks, and vans, and to create a friendly atmosphere where Budget Cars will be known for being your family used car center. The location is in Alpena, Michigan.

Route 99 business plan

Highway System[ edit ] A remnant of an original state right-of-way marker serves as a reminder of the early days of the road's construction. Edward Fitzgerald Bealea Naval officer in the service of the U. Army Corps of Topographical Engineerswas ordered by the War Department to build a government-funded wagon road along the 35th Parallel.

His secondary orders were to test the feasibility of the use of camels as pack animals in the southwestern desert. The paved road becomes a dirt road, south of Cajon, which was also the original Route The Lone Star Route passed through St.

Again, a shorter route was taken, here following the Postal Highway between Oklahoma City and Amarillo. Highwaysalthough it was not completely paved until Avery was adamant that the highway have a round number and had proposed number 60 to identify it.

route 99 business plan

Highway 66 Association to promote the complete paving of the highway from end to end and to promote travel down the highway. Inin Tulsa, the association was officially established with John T.

Woodruff of Springfield, Missouri, elected the first president. Highway 66 Association also placed its first advertisement in the July 16,issue of the Saturday Evening Post. Highway 66 Association office in Oklahoma received hundreds of requests for information after the ad was published.

Traffic grew on the highway because of the geography through which it passed. Much of the highway was essentially flat and this made the highway a popular truck route.

The Dust Bowl of the s saw many farming families, mainly from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas, heading west for agricultural jobs in California. During the Depression, it gave some relief to communities located on the highway.

The route passed through numerous small towns and, with the growing traffic on the highway, helped create the rise of mom-and-pop businessessuch as service stationsrestaurantsand motor courtsall readily accessible to passing motorists.

Due to the efforts of the U. Several places were dangerous: However, one section through the Black Mountains outside Oatman, Arizonawas fraught with hairpin turns and was the steepest along the entire route, so much so that some early travelers, too frightened at the prospect of driving such a potentially dangerous road, hired locals to navigate the winding grade.

Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri was located near the highway, which was locally upgraded quickly to a divided highway to help with military traffic. The road passed through the Painted Desert and near the Grand Canyon.

Meteor Crater in Arizona was another popular stop. This sharp increase in tourism in turn gave rise to a burgeoning trade in all manner of roadside attractions, including teepee - shaped motelsfrozen custard stands, Indian curio shops, and reptile farms. Meramec Caverns near St. Louisbegan advertising on barns, billing itself as the " Jesse James hideout".

The Big Texan advertised a free ounce 2. It also marked the birth of the fast-food industry: Changes like these to the landscape further cemented 66's reputation as a near-perfect microcosm of the culture of America, now linked by the automobile. Inbetween the Illinois cities of Springfield and East St.

Inthis route was changed and the original alignment never viewed as anything more than temporary. Ina straighter cut-off route was completed from west of El Reno to one mile 1.

Ina straight-line route was completed from west of Santa Rosa through Moriarty and east—west through Albuquerque and west to Laguna. This newer routing saved travelers as much as four hours of travel through New Mexico.

According to legend, the rerouting was done at the behest of Democratic Governor Arthur T. In some cases, such as to the east of St. Louis, this was done as soon as the Interstate was finished to the next exit. Some of those cities included Springfield, Illinois ; St.

route 99 business plan

The route was also a foundation for many chain stores back in the s, sprouting up next to it to increase business and sales.South County Corridor This project is a feasibility study to determine if there is a suitable route connecting Interstate 5 and State Highway 99 in the southern portion of Stanislaus County and if so, can it be funded for construction.

Route 99 Corridor Business Plan • Identify a comprehensive list of major road projects to be completed along the corridor.

• Develop strategies to improve the long-term success of all projects. • Discuss Interstate designation for the route. • Identify strategies for influencing land use decisions along the route. Highway 99 Corridor Local Area Plan Part I - Background Page 3 3.

Economic Development Context The City of Surrey Official Community Plan (the "OCP") has a strong business.

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Ferry Connections - Kitsap's Fast Ferries Future. Kitsap Transit is moving forward with plans to launch cross-sound passenger-only ferries now that voters have approved its proposed business plan and % sales tax increase.

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When the Alaskan Way Viaduct closes Jan. 11, , three solid weeks of construction begin. Crews will work around the clock to move State Route 99 off the viaduct and into the new, two-mile SR 99 tunnel beneath downtown Seattle.

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