Reaction paper about greys anatomy

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Reaction paper about greys anatomy

Monday, March 3, Subtleties in Drafting: More drafting today, but not garment deconstruction this time. Instead, we're simply going to meander through some of the subtleties in drafting.

Drafting is simultaneously an exact science and a nebulous art. On one hand, it is systematic and linear: You can read books that teach you all about these.

You can buy computer programs that digitize these, implying that it is possible to create algorithms from these formulae and sequences.

You can send your vital statistics to a human pattern-maker who would plot these into a personal sloper, in spite of never actually having laid eyes on you. With these come the promise that because it can be objectively quantized, anyone and everyone- provided they have the patience to absorb the information and act on it - can draft.

On the other hand, drafting is also completely subjective. Years after I first learned to draft and forgot and wanted to re-learn it again, I asked Mum to teach me.

She responded, "We'd better ask Auntie Laura.

Reaction paper about greys anatomy

She was very good, you know. Only ever needed one fitting. One fitting and it was perfect! How was this possible, I wondered, when both Mum and Auntie Laura were taught by the same teacher - Grandma - and all of them experienced by the same number of years, using exactly the same methods and techniques?

Did Grandma draw straighter lines or swooshier curves than everyone else?

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Was she privy to secret mnemonics that allowed her to supercalculate the width of a bust dart based on a person's bra size? Did she have a magic wand? Much later, when I was finally back on the road to semi-successful drafting and preparing that Sewing From Scratch tutorial series for you guys, I started to understand.

There is a feel to drafting that cannot be quantized. It's similar to how some people know which colors go well with other colors in a room, or how other people can taste a pot of soup and know how to tweak it to get it to taste just right.

Certainly there are principles that govern their decisions - concepts like coordinating vs. But when all the theory has been assimilated, and we begin to apply ourselves, we finally realize how short a distance that theory actually takes us.

If we are sufficiently analytical, we might transcend our frustration enough to ask the right questions that allow us to break through an impasse. Sometimes, just the questions are enough to redirect us to a new book, a different experiment, a second muslin.

Maybe we will be lucky and someone will come along who can answer those questions and save us the time of shooting in the dark. I am lucky that Mum and Auntie Laura were available and interested in answering my early questions when I was learning to draft as a teenager.

They had so much to teach and often it was too much, because I was still learning the basics how and where to plot a dart, how and where to draw the shoulder slope.

Fast forward to now, when drafting blocks is as normal as writing a grocery list, and I'm beginning to see nuances. It is empowering, surely. But it also feels completely subconscious, natural, congruent. I know this because I don't think about how I draft until I need to talk about it in a tutorial.

Then, what makes perfect sense to me and could therefore be trivially explained in a single sentence ends up requiring three posts, usually with numerous diagrams, because each time I peel back a layer, there is some other principle underlying it, which needs to be first unpacked to something else even more fundamental.

My reaction is usually, "Wow.

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That took too long to say for something that everyone should know.This media reaction paper will review Grey’s Anatomy as a show that discusses and illustrates the portrayal of diversity in the media. Grey’s Anatomy is an excellent example of non-stereotypical diversity on mainstream television.

Grey's Anatomy Media Reaction Paper The television show that I chose to write about for this media reaction paper is the critically acclaimed Grey's Anatomy, which airs on ABC every Thursday night. Grey's Anatomy has been lauded as a top rated entertainment source that depicts diversity in America in a realistic and stereotype free manner.

Grey’s Anatomy: The Me Nobody Knows – Watch 12 Episode Grey’s Anatomy full episode recap: A new resident transfers to Grey Sloan Memorial; Richard is uncertain how to advance his relationship with Maggie; a young boy from the Middle East needs treatment. Drafting is simultaneously an exact science and a nebulous art.

On one hand, it is systematic and linear: there are rules, standard sequences, tables, guidelines and even formulae to enable a person to go from body measurements to custom-fit garments.

Grey’s fam, it’s been two months since last we gathered on this sacred recap ground to spiritually hold hands as we gasped, laughed, and sobbed our way through a Grey’s Anatomy episode. Two. Play a Just For Fun Quiz on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community.

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