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Naked essay

Is Hillary Clinton a Lesbian?

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The essential information contained in this article was known to the author for many years. As explained in the text, Naked essay when Ms. Clinton became an announced candidate for the U.

Throughout her years as a public person there has been sexual innuendo about Hillary implying that somewhere along her way--in the rumor it is usually at Wellesley--she experimented with lesbianism.

Naked essay

One wonders if a malleable male politician, say Bill Clinton, a former overweight band boy, would be accused of having "experimented" with being gay at Georgetown University, in the same manner as "tough, inflexible" Hillary at Wellesley. And the attacks on Klein are not confined to the usual mainstream "liberal" venues.

Just when you think the right-wing hate machine could sink no lower, along comes the pack of lies just packaged by Penguin Books under the title "The Truth About Hillary," by Edward Klein. The truth about Hillary? The jacket flap alone exposes Klein as nothing but a right-wing political assassin.

Chief Clinton hater Dick Morris condemned the book. A posting on the conservative, Clinton-hating, Free Republic forum is entitled Exposed!

That someone might have tried and failed looks like a real possibility when one considers what happened to the original poster, whose screen name is "threat matrix. Perhaps the Globe article had no substance to it.

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After all, it is a supermarket tabloid of the sort that specializes in celebrity gossip, but, at times, such rags can be more reliable, and certainly more hard-hitting, than the mainstream press.

A couple of examples that I ran across were the July 27,Star article about the branding Naked essay pledges by the Yale fraternity of which young George Bush was president and the February 19,article in the National Enquirer about the questionable "suicide" of Enron executive Cliff Baxter. If anyone might have saved a copy of that Globe article, I would appreciate it if they would copy it and send it to me.

The Evidence With so much sand being thrown into our eyes by the likes of Carl Bernstein and Bill Press, readers need to be reminded that there is a rather large body of evidence that Hillary Clinton is, indeed, a lesbian, and not just someone who might have merely dabbled in the practice at one time or another.

Here is a review of what was first presented in " Hillary Biographer Crude Propagandist ": Jack Wheeler, citing unnamed Secret Service agents, reported in a published interview that the agents had caught Hillary in the sex act with another woman in the White House and named a prominent Hollywood actress who hails from Arkansas as one of her preferred partners.

Secret Service agents were also the source of the story told to the policeman son-in-law of a colleague of this writer that Hillary had a regular woman whom she brought into the White House for sexual purposes.

Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clintonthat a Washington veterinarian, on house call to the White House to treat a sick Socks, the Clinton cat, had "opened the wrong door" and caught Hillary in bed with another woman. This is virtually the same story that was told to me in earlythe first I had heard that Hillary might be a lesbian.

In the previous article I characterized the account as fourth-hand to me, which might have left readers with the impression that, as evidence, it was less solid than it actually is. Any weakness in the chain of communication of the story could easily bring it down. One of the people might have been simply repeating a rumor or a pure fabrication, one might suspect.

His overall credibility was important, because he was engaged in selling my organization on a product that his organization has developed, with millions of dollars in the balance.

He was leaving my office at the end of the day and introduced the subject in an offhand sort of way. His sister, he said, was a Washington-area veterinarian who has a friend who is another Washington-area veterinarian.

She sent a female assistant, who had difficulty locating the cat. She told her boss about the incident, the boss told her friend, the friend told her brother, and the brother told me. There it is in one place, the best evidence of the alleged lesbianism, as it is known to this writer, of the person who, we are told by the national media, is currently the nationally-preferred candidate for president of the United States.

One may contrast it with the various red herrings that can be found in the various books and articles about Hillary that deign to broach the subject. One could hardly fail to see that I would answer the title question in the affirmative.

That conclusion is heavily influenced by my belief in the credibility of two acquaintances. On that point, one might notice that I am in a very similar position to the man who told me the veterinarian story.About Naked Nutrition.

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Is Hillary Clinton a Lesbian? The essential information contained in this article was known to the author for many years. As explained in the text, only when Ms. Clinton became an announced candidate for the U.S.

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