Littering argument

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Littering argument

People that spit should be fined for littering! I've just walked down my local shop, and Littering argument I'm walking up to the shop, about 25 yards away, this man must have been in his 30 at least has walked out of the shop, seen me and then decided to do a huge hack and spit right on the floor outside the shop.

And it was that horrible hacking noise. I just thought, that is absolutely disgusting.

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Would have have done that if I was a policeman? I never looked directly at him but I had that definite look of disgust on my face as I walked past and went into the shop. I'm sorry but that's just absolutely moronic Littering argument shameless and down right disgusting and dirty. I don't want walk and step in his disgusting spit and phlegm!

If you have to do it, if you have a cold or something, at least try to do it on the sly and spit into the road in the drain or something. Don't just spit on the floor outside the shop! You're a grown man, and you're still doing something a truant teenager would do? Grow up and learn something of value and dignity and respect for once in your life!

Spitting doesn't make you look hard. It doesn't make you look clever. It just makes you look like a disgusting barbaric moron. If I was a copper, I would have told him to clean it up! I would have made him wipe it up off the floor, and I would have given him a ticket for it too.

Kids walk past and to that shop.

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What they have to pick that up on their shoe and take his disgusting diseases home with them because he's a mook that has no morals or manners of any type or kind and feels like he needs to spit on the ground in front of people as though to prove some kind of point or something?

I admit I used to spit when I was a kid. But I stopped doing it when I grew up because I learned how disgusting it was to do. I sometimes spit if I have something in my mouth like a bit of dirt or grit or something.

But I don't randomly hack one up and spit on the floor as though I'm some kind of gangster or I have some point to prove or something. So I think people that spit should be fined the same was as people who litter are fined.

And on the spot fine that needs to be paid in a certain amount of days otherwise the fine is doubled. What do you think?Field and laboratory studies of littering While the logic of such an argument is not clear, it does seem as if stress might contribute to the breaking of norms.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of factors that determine the extent to which people obey norms. Obviously, the ease of obeying the rule (how close is the wastebasket; how. Analogy Essay: POSSIBLE SUBJECT X Life. Love. Valentine’s Day.

Relationships, marriage. Cheating in relationships.

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Stealing. Politics (see the “Analogy Comic”). Sep 04,  · Arguments against littering? I need arguments against littering to give them to people in a poor rural tiny little village in the subtropics. "It looks bad" is not an argument; it's too Resolved.

Littering: It seems like an easy argument to be against littering, but many can also use the counterargument stating littering results in the creation of jobs. People get paid to clean up the litter. People get paid to clean up the litter.

Jun 14,  · This is our final project for AP Biology and AP US History. Please spread the video and get it as much as attention as possible. Pollution is a huge problem!

Littering argument

Inspired by Prince EA Waves - . 8 Littering Problem Solutions By Brad Paul Few things can be more discouraging than to see the result of extensive littering in your neighborhood, jogging or walking path, or work location.

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