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This article takes a look at one aspect of this behaviour namely locating the position of a sound source using the crosscorrelation function. The ear nearest the sound source will hear the sound louder than the far ear.

A sound pressure wave from the side will not arrive at both ears at the same time. Points in space where a sound source produces identical delays at the ears are on a hyperbola red approaching the asymptote white.

The brain cannot identify the position but only approximate the direction of a sound source anywhere along this line.

Component layout of the binaural sensor PCB. Resolution of the sound source bearing is a function of its azimuth.

Jop jlkm

The binaural sensor prototype. B 7 5 - 12 Figure 7. Ken Gracey Parallax, Inc. Set the camera board into an idle state. It accepts a Boolean value 1 default or 0.pMjwbIAW dy h`kW dw pihrydwr PANJAB TIMES £FREE 20th Dec 18 - 3rd Jan 19 • Issue No.

Jop jlkm

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