Ferrari corporate objectives

Where would Ferrari be, without Formula 1?

Ferrari corporate objectives

And what a mix of weather - rain, hail and brilliant sunshine! I've learned a whole new way to go round corners and to understand the balance of the car I also appreciated the observational and road skills.

Ferrari corporate objectives

Thoroughly enjoyed it and spent the afternoon putting new skills into practice in both the Porsche and the McLaren.

Great balance to our session - perfect for me - good to get some pointers and enjoyed the 'road craft' element too. As discussed, keen to get out on a few track days - weekends best for me.

Looking forward to the summary of pointers and your availability over coming weekends. So much so we've booked the track for a private trackday. You can too - just contact us for details. Snetterton in a turbocharged Clio - definitely showed some promise! All providing excellent training opportunities for clients in our MR2 Ferrari corporate objectives track with our friends at Bookatrack.

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Excellent days and great racetracks Actually a great day to learn how to drive smoothly and really understand this initially intimidating but impressive car - if you drive it in the right way: We really understand car dynamics - and after coaching so will you.

Recent performance road training. Thanks for your mail and the feedback on my somewhat leaden feet. Saturday was absolutely brilliant.

It's one of those that I just wanted to keep going as I felt we were actually getting somewhere by the end of the day. I managed to crawl to Bedford for fuel with '4 miles' showing on the computer.

I'm going to put into practice what you said and then I'll come over for some more training in the new year. Probably not in my car though I got a huge amount out of it and will do my best to think pro-actively about what you taught us, especially To see what the Exige could do in your hands was amazing and sets a benchmark for me to aspire to!

I have been going over everything we did, trying to fix in my mind the technical aspects that are essential to a quick, controlled and relaxed drive - for example the relationship between braking and gear-shifting is certainly something that needs a lot more work, particularly to eliminate the snatched gearshifts and jumping off the brakes.

I am very much looking forward to our next session on track to try and develop the techniques more consistently on each lap. Amazing how close you were to the post on the way out of The Esses…I remember the moment as I was the passenger!

The Clio was bought a couple of weeks ago as a learning tool on our recommendation. Great car and good way to develop some confidence of a car moving about underneath you. Fantastic machinery on track as the race season starts this weekend, but resulting in some VERY close driving.

Ferrari corporate objectives

Hard work keeping eyes on traffic, track and my drivers, overtaking akin to race days and significant speed differentials. But if you want to stay safe, drive faster and enjoy yourself a pair of seasoned eyes is highly advantageous".

We open your eyes to the actual physics going on with the car, understand your physiology - how biomechanically you are actually interacting with the car, the psychology of you and other drivers, your ability to understand the feedback the car is giving to you, and how you may be aiming to drive the car in completely the wrong manner.

In other words we provide you with informed, intelligent observation and a development path: So, not just sitting with some guy who used to race a bit and pointing out a few lines Written assessment sent to client - response - "Brilliant, thanks Mike.

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Ferrari Corporate

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