Essay country living vs city living

This is especially true when some of the cliches of each type of living are examined more closely and found to be inaccurate, like country life being simpler. Participants in both lifestyles are dedicated to a routine and share some of the same basic values. Routine No matter where a person lives, he generally participates in a specific routine that revolves around his work life.

Essay country living vs city living

Compare and contrast the advantages of city living and country living. Firstly it is opportunity to find any work you want, to choose the best company, conditions and get the job with preferred timetable. There are a lot of educational institutions.

Inasmuch as we spend a one third of our life being at work, it is an important point in making a decision.

Essay country living vs city living

Secondary at the city you may find lots of entertainment centers for any favor: After work it is easy to go to your sport and do it twice and three times a week. Thirdly it is easier to running errands in the city because of good transport message.

Banks, post offices, telecommunication centers and other points is where you may solve your problems or choose a necessary service.

Moreover there is a wide variety of things you may need and you can buy all of them in the city. It is a paradise for shopaholics. Among disadvantages of living in big cities are air pollution, traffic jam, and the high living cost. Opposite living in the country is rich of fresh air, clear lakes and green forests full of berries, mushrooms.

Free roads raise your mood and give opportunity to move fast. A beauty of country living is a community. People there live with open doors.

In the Village Privolnoe, where my grandmother used to live, nobody knocks the door.

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Friends just come in and ask if anybody at home. However living in the country is more difficult way to progress professionally and in a civilized manner. There are some professions which allow you to work far from the city and rise: Where is better to live also depends on the development of region.

Why not to live in the country if you have everything you need: It is extended that people in poor countries strive to live in the cities, but in countries with high living standards its residents aspire to move further from noisy centers. To be closer to customers is very important in my work.

At the same time in our company we have premium class products so I guess it would not be in requisition in a country.

Country will never replaces possibility to go on English lessons every Monday and Thursday, sometimes fitness exercises on sport field, opportunity to get different kinds of the rest on holidays and go shopping at list once a week.For many urban dwellers, the country conjures up images of clean air, fresh food and physical activities.

But these days, Americans residing in major cities live longer, healthier lives overall. A new campaign warns older people against the 'dangers' of retiring to the countryside. But for Rob Penn, who moved from London to the Black Mountains, rural sights, sounds and, above all.

Essay on City Life vs. Village Life! One of the most striking features of industrial age is the growth of city life. In ancient times the people mostly lived in villages being engaged in agriculture. However, some people agree that country living is a real life like a nice dream: hearing natural music, seeing sights,and planting essay will tell you what similarities and differences between city and country living, so we can get more widen views.

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Be it as it may, living is acting, doing, and inventing; city is the context where all of these aspects are achievable. The greatness of city life embodies in the life it provides. In conclusion, city life has been of greater benefits in terms of development, education, technology.

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