Discuss u s intelligence oversight is the

This outline is the full story of what House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes is currently working to expose. This outline exposes the biggest political scandal in U. His name is Admiral Mike Rogers. Intelligence information is housed by compartments within the larger intelligence community network.

Discuss u s intelligence oversight is the

Managing Intelligence Activities INMS 3 Credits An introduction to management issues associated with intelligence activities in national and homeland security, law enforcement, and the private sector.

Intelligence is evaluated from the perspectives of its consumers in government and business. Topics include the historical issues that led to extensive oversight of intelligence agencies and laws restricting their activities. Discussion also covers recent changes in national intelligence and current issues, such as the debate over security versus civil liberties and how to protect America from foreign espionage and exploitation.

Sources and Challenges INMS 3 Credits A study of the management challenges related to collecting intelligence for national security, law enforcement, and business purposes through case study analysis and planning exercises. Discussion covers law enforcement and correctional sources and the integration of multisourced intelligence.


Topics include how requirements drive collection efforts, the relationship between collection and analysis, and the costs associated with collection of intelligence.

INMS and An examination of the intelligence requirements of various clients in government and the private sector. The various purposes of analysis such as warning, policy planning, research and development, systems or product planning, support for law enforcement and correctional agencies, support for operational activities, and investment are examined.

Discussion covers managing analytical methodologies and techniques, as well as dissent in analyses, and understanding the reasons for failures. Case studies illustrate issues in analysis management. The conflict between intelligence analysts and decision makers at national and local levels is explored.

Counterintelligence INMS 3 Credits An examination of the vulnerabilities of the United States, allied countries, and private businesses to espionage and how counterintelligence can reduce the threat.

Discussion covers case studies of espionage against America, including economic espionage against U. Topics include the roles, missions, and espionage activities of foreign intelligence services.

Major threat groups are assessed, and management issues related to countering these threats are evaluated. Intelligence Led Enforcement INMS 3 Credits An evaluation of management approaches and assessment of issues associated with intelligence support for crime prevention and law and regulation enforcement.

Topics include the issue of public-private cooperation, domestic counterterrorism, drug law enforcement, and actions to counter financial crimes. The roles of intelligence in fighting transnational crime and cybercrime is also covered in this course.

Assignments include case-study analysis and original research. An examination of the relationships among intelligence organizations at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as with private corporations. Strategies for the management and control of intelligence activities establishing policies, setting budgets, and conducting reviews are examined.

Discuss u s intelligence oversight is the

Discussion covers how intelligence oversight including the roles and responsibilities of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government works and how business intelligence activities are managed and overseen in the private sector.

An analysis and assessment of leadership challenges within intelligence environments. Topics include ethical dilemmas of managing intelligence operations, and how leaders assert their own style.

Assignments include a leadership profile, case study, and a final group project.The U.S. military has largely outsourced surveillance operations in the search for Joseph Kony and al-Qaeda affiliates in Africa. Located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, ARSOUTH forces include aviation, intelligence, communication, and logistics units.

ARSOUTH supports regional disaster relief and counterdrug efforts. The Master of Science in management with a specialization in intelligence management at University of Maryland University College prepares you to take on management roles in the intelligence collection, analysis, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, cyber espionage, resource management, and intelligence policy and oversight for national security, law enforcement, and business purposes.

The Department of Defense Inspector General is an independent, objective agency that provides oversight related to the programs and operations of the United States Department of vetconnexx.com IG was created in as an amendment to the Inspector General Act of It is the largest office of the Inspector-General in the United States.

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♦The originating intelligence agency agency, in these examples the DOJ National Security Division and/or FBI Counterintelligence Division, holds the proprietary intelligence they create in their intelligence compartment. Jun 27,  · Early Attempts at Oversight.

From time to time during the early years of the republic, members of Congress tried to obtain an accounting of expenditures made from the President's secret intelligence fund as well as to effect oversight of the activities it was used to finance.

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