Declamation about health

Contact Author My Favorite Declamation Pieces When I was in high school, my teacher asked me to represent our school in an Oratorical Contest and I happened to love my two declamation pieces and I am glad to share it with you.

Declamation about health

Do you hear that?

Declamation about health

At four this afternoon I will have my rendezvous with death at the lethal injection chamber. I pledge guilty to drug trafficking and multiple murder. I know I deserve that ultimate capital punishment, but listen to my story. You too have a share in forming me into a hoodlum in this dog eat dog world.

I was a matter of fate by destiny that I grew up in an area fast a accelerating in this orbit of moral decadence. My mom died a few days after my birth. Lola brought me up as dad, a policeman was a footloose Declamation about health fancy-free family man.

Outcast yes, I ama bitter pill to swallow but more bitter than this was the pang of rejection. Dad disowned me for the reason he alone knew. I did not ask to be born but they gave me life just to wallow in poverty, in shame and in anger.

All around me were dark shadows of frustrations: Name them and we have them all in our place. At first, I lived as an errand boy then as a messenger for this oldest trade of flesh to sustain a living.

I graduated to selling prohibited drugs while sniffing once in a while to get into the world of make believe to escape reality of life. That was how life was with one like me who has no choice but to stay living that hard way.

One night, in my usual routine I had some small packages of prohibited drugs to deliver to my valued clients. I was intercepted by a man in uniform and was consequently caught in the act.

Instead of submitting myself peacefully to the authority I managed to grab the revolver and shot him flat dead.

Collection of Declamation, Oratorical and Jazz Chants Pieces

Oncetwice, until several policemen came to his succor. I shot aimlessly not minding anymore who might get hurt until I no longer knew how many lives were lost. But you people of the Philippine Republic who accuse me of drug trafficking and multiple murder I also accuse you before the seat of the Most High, God the all knowing, all wise Judge for: I know I have but few minutes to live.

Before I submit myself to face the Maker, I ask you People of the Philippine Republic to atone for passive participation in the mess and corruptionour country is faced with. Do something to save our country, save the Philippines, save our youth.

Capture the lost values through moral recovery.Mar 18,  · TOP UNDYING DECLAMATION PIECES 1. "Bad Girl" Hey! Everybody seems to be staring at me..


Declamation about health

You! All of you! How dare you to stare at me? Why? Is it because I'm a bad girl? Health goes far, even farther than wealth and any other thing in life.

It is a sure key to success. Without physical fitness and good health nothing good or substantial can be achieved. Only the healthy citizens, and men and women make a healthy and happy nation. Only healthy people can work hopefully, steadily, constantly and at people can.

Speech Fest Collection of Declamation, Oratorical and Jazz Chants Pieces. Speech Choir: If I Were a Voice by Charles Mackay As I told you, once I was a man, with muscle, frame, and health, And but for a blunder ought to have made, considerable wealth.

“I was a painter, not one that daubed on bricks and wood, Declamation Piece- Land of. Jun 24,  · My Favorite Declamation Pieces.

Speech on Health and Fitness

When I was in high school, my teacher asked me to represent our school in an Oratorical Contest and I happened to love my two declamation pieces and I am glad to share it with you. Health. Holidays and Celebrations. Home. HubPages Tutorials and Community.

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