Consumer prefernces towards soap brands

Upon returning from the store, your economical mother may have plopped a box in front of you while you stared at it in bewilderment.

Consumer prefernces towards soap brands

The physical attributes that diamond jewellery consumers are drawn to - the sparkle and beauty of diamonds - are accompanied by emotional associations of love and promise, prestige, mystique, tradition and a sense of the eternal.

Diamonds continue to be seen as an emotional symbol and a store of value. However, the diamond industry cannot afford to take this situation for granted, especially when the consumer landscape is changing so rapidly. Total US retail sales of diamond jewellery reached pre downturn levels in while polished diamond content in jewellery increased by 20 per cent from Overall, the US accounted for approximately 40 per cent of global polished diamond consumption by value in Infine jewellery was not among the top five on the list of gifts that US women would most like to receive, ranking behind holidays foreign and domesticelectronics, home furnishings and spa days.

Among young people agedthe desirability of fine jewellery ranked below branded luxury products such as designer handbags and clothing.

Consumer prefernces towards soap brands

However, diamonds were still the most popular choice for fine jewellery for all age segments; in fact, diamonds were almost three times more popular than any other type of jewellery. The acceleration in consumer preference for brands of diamond jewellery is evident from the claimed acquisition of branded engagement rings — Consumer prefernces towards soap brands just seven per cent in to three and five times that level in and respectively.

The growth in importance of branded jewellery will have a particular impact in attracting the brand-conscious younger US consumer. The attraction of branded diamond jewellery to retailers is that it supports both the diamond dream and higher margins.

The offer of brands with a specific positioning and story, which goes beyond the 4Cshelps retailers address consumer needs for emotional engagement with the product and protects the offer against commoditisation. Average incomes for the top one per cent of Americans have grown much faster than national average wages.


Clearly, precise targeting of this consumer segment through higher-end products and brands would help capture its potential more effectively. Current penetration of bridal diamond jewellery is in line with historic levels, highlighting the resilience of this segment to the economic pressures in the US in the last few years: Asked to select from a list of competitive items or experiences they most coveted, almost half 48 per cent of Chinese women selected fine jewellerya much higher percentage than the next most desirable gift item - designer handbags, chosen by just under a third of Chinese women.

Among types of jewellery, diamond jewellery was by far the most popular choice, with about two-thirds of female consumers selecting it as their first or second preference. As a result, the share of polished diamonds sold in jewellery to Chinese consumers grew from barely three per cent in to just over 13 per cent of global demand in The second most important consumer segment was bridal women, who acquired about a fifth of pieces and contributed just under a quarter of sales value.

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Single women represented the smallest proportion of sales, acquiring 14 per cent of pieces representing 11 per cent of total value. There are three main routes into the diamond jewellery category for the Chinese consumer.

By far the most common of these is falling in love and getting married. Major milestones in life such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries form the second most important route into the category for Chinese consumers.

Finally, there is receiving or buying their first diamond jewellery piece usually earrings or a bracelet as a treat. The vast majority of recent acquirers or consumers currently choosing a piece of diamond jewellery consider branded offers as their first or second choice. When it comes to actual acquisition, Chinese consumers prefer to buy from trusted domestic retailers such as Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang, which surveyed consumers say they can trust.

Sincehowever, claimed acquisition of diamond jewellery from international brands Cartier and Tiffany by young middle-class consumers has grown eight to nine times.AIOU marketing project, AIOU Marketing project report on soap, Project Report on Consumer Preferences Soaps are legendary for a minimum of for two, years.

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A SYNOPSIS ON STUDY OF CONSUMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS CADBURY AND NESTLE CHOCOLATES INTRODUCTION In this research I have survey the product performance and buying behavior of two famous brands of chocolates – Nestle and Cadbury, which are .

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