Computers help in agriculture

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Computers help in agriculture

WhatsApp Technology has played a big role in developing the agricultural industry. Today it is possible to grow crops in a desert by use of agricultural biotechnology. With this technology, plants have been engineered to survive in drought conditions. Through genetic engineering scientists have managed to introduce traits into existing genes with a goal of making crops resistant to droughts and pests.

Lets take a good example. The invention of this technology is being used in developing countries to grow cash crops like cotton, since this genetically engineered cotton plants are pest resistant, Computers help in agriculture grow better than the normal cotton plants hence yielding good results.

This saves the farmer time and money, they will know how much is left and what to feed their animals. This saves the farmer money and it cuts out mediators who tend to buy low from farmers and sell high to end consumers.

For degree plans go to myNWCC and click on the Degree Plans tab.. Agricultural/John Deere Technology program, on the Senatobia campus, is a five-semester, two-year program designed to upgrade the technical skills and professionalism of new John Deere service technicians. Established in , ANSAB (Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources) is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization working in South Asia with its headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal. ANSAB is committed to biodiversity conservation and economic developemnt through community-based enterprise oriented solutions. Jun 08,  · I have to do a seminar in this topic and I cant find info anywhere. It would be helpful to get some websites which give information. Wikipedia does not give info on how computers are used in agriculture. I want information that I can use in a seminar please not reports of how computers were used in agriculture in each Resolved.

Every farmer uses this technology in their own way. Some use it to create fertilizers, others use it to market their products, and others use it in production. So as a farmer, you have to specify what you need. Below is a summary on the use of Technology in agriculture: Use of machines on farms.

Computers help in agriculture

Now a farmer can cultivate on more than 2 acres of land with less labor, and can cut costs even more when they are looking for a used tractor and other harvesting technology, versus new equipment.

The use of planters and harvesters makes the process so easy. In agriculture, time and production are so important; you have to plant in time, harvest in time and deliver to stores in time.

This helps in making products available on markets in time from the farm. With modern transportation, consumers in Dubai will consume a fresh carrots from Africa with in the same day that carrot lives the garden in Africa.

These are used buy farmers to deliver tomatoes and other perishable crops to keep them fresh as they transport them to the market. These cooling facilities are installed in food transportation trucks, so crops like tomatoes will stay fresh upon delivery. This is a win-win situation for both the consumers of these agricultural products and the farmers.

Genetically produced plants like potatoes, can resist diseases and pests, which rewards the farmer with good yields and saves them time. These crops grow very fast they produce healthy yields.

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Since they are resistant to most diseases and pests, the farmer will spend less money on pesticides, which in return increases on their RIO return on investment.

Development of animal feeds. This has solved the problem of hunting for grass to feed animals, now these feeds can be manufactured and consumed by animals. The price of these feed is fair so that a low income farmer can afford them. Most of these manufactured animal feeds have extra nutrition which improve on the animals health and the out put of these animals will also increase.

In agriculturethe health of an animal will determine its output.As the number one employer in central Washington, the agriculture industry offers exciting and challenging career opportunities. YVC’s Agriculture Degree programs provide students with the necessary skills and abilities that employers desire.

From my past article ”Use of technology today and tomorrow Below is a summary on the use of Technology in agriculture: Modern transportation technology facilities help farmers easily transport fertilizers or other farm products to their farms, and it also speeds the supply of agricultural products from farms to the markets where.

Wasp Barcode offers mobile computers designed to meet the needs of inventory control, asset tracking, and retail applications.

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Let us help your business! Computers as a Tool: On June 30, , President Barack Obama said, "A healthy American economy depends on a prosperous rural America." rural residents weren't far behind their urban cousins in the adoption of computers and the Internet.

The Internet has become an invaluable tool to research specific issues in agriculture. For instance. Click on commodity to view all contracts. Data displayed for corn, soybeans, and wheat is for the nearby crop.

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Agriculture Computers help in agriculture? It can't sow seeds or harvest crops or irrigate fields. But it can definitely help the farmers and the agricultural scientist in various stages of farming.

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