Character sketch of characters in three men in a boat

He is taking a vacation along the Thames river along with two friends. George is one of the Jerome, usually known as "J," is the narrator who lives and works in London. George is one of the two friends who accompany J.

Character sketch of characters in three men in a boat

A group rather of extinct volcanoes than of isles, looking much as the world at large might after a penal conflagration. It is to be doubted whether any spot on earth can, in desolateness, furnish a parallel to this group.

Character sketch of characters in three men in a boat

Abandoned cemeteries of long ago, old cities by piecemeal tumbling to their ruin, these are melancholy enough; but, like all else which has but once been associated with humanity, they still awaken in us some thoughts of sympathy, however sad.

Hence, even the Dead Sea, along with whatever other emotions it may at times inspire, does not fail to touch in the pilgrim some of his less unpleasurable feelings. And as for solitariness, the great forests of the north, the expanses of unnavigated waters, the Greenland ice fields, are the profoundest of solitudes to a human observer; still the magic of their changeable tides and seasons mitigates their terror, because, though unvisited by men, those forests are visited by the May; the remotest seas reflect familiar stars even as Lake Erie does; and in the clear air of a fine Polar day, the irradiated, azure ice shows beautifully as malachite.

But the special curse, as one may call it, of the Encantadas, that which exalts them in desolation above Idumea and the Pole, is that to them change never comes; neither the change of seasons nor of sorrows.

Cut by the Equator, they know not autumn, and they know not spring; while, already reduced to the lees of fire, ruin itself can work little more upon them. The showers refresh the deserts, but in these isles rain never falls.

Like split Syrian gourds left withering in the sun, they are cracked by an everlasting drought beneath a torrid sky. It is deemed a fit type of all-forsaken overthrow that the jackal should den in the wastes of weedy Babylon, but the Encantadas refuse to harbor even the outcasts of the beasts.

Man and wolf alike disown them. Little but reptile life is here found: No voice, no low, no howl is heard; the chief sound of life here is a hiss. On most of the isles where vegetation is found at all, it is more ungrateful than the blankness of Aracama. Tangled thickets of wiry bushes, without fruit and without a name, springing up among deep fissures of calcined rock and treacherously masking them, or a parched growth of distorted cactus trees.

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In many places the coast is rock-bound, or, more properly, clinker-bound; tumbled masses of blackish or greenish stuff like the dross of an iron furnace, forming dark clefts and caves here and there, into which a ceaseless sea pours a fury of foam, overhanging them with a swirl of gray, haggard mist, amidst which sail screaming flights of unearthly birds heightening the dismal din.

However calm the sea without, there is no rest for these swells and those rocks; they lash and are lashed, even when the outer ocean is most at peace with itself.

On the oppressive, clouded days, such as are peculiar to this part of the watery Equator, the dark, vitrified masses, many of which raise themselves among white whirlpools and breakers in detached and perilous places off the shore, present a most Plutonian sight.

In no world but a fallen one could such lands exist. Those parts of the strand free from the marks of fire stretch away in wide level beaches of multitudinous dead shells, with here and there decayed bits of sugar cane, bamboos, and coconuts, washed upon this other and darker world from the charming palm isles to the westward and southward, all the way from Paradise to Tartarus, while mixed with the relics of distant beauty you will sometimes see fragments of charred wood and moldering ribs of wrecks.

Neither will anyone be surprised at meeting these last, after observing the conflicting currents which eddy throughout nearly all the wide channels of the entire group. The capriciousness of the tides of air sympathizes with those of the sea.

Nowhere is the wind so light, baffling, and every way unreliable, and so given to perplexing calms, as at the Encantadas.

Nigh a month has been spent by a ship going from one isle to another, though but ninety miles between; for owing to the force of the current, the boats employed to tow barely suffice to keep the craft from sweeping upon the cliffs, but do nothing towards accelerating her voyage.

Sometimes it is impossible for a vessel from afar to fetch up with the group itself, unless large allowances for prospective leeway have been made ere its coming in sight. And yet, at other times, there is a mysterious indraft, which irresistibly draws a passing vessel among the isles, though not bound to them.

True, at one period, as to some extent at the present day, large fleets of whalemen cruised for spermaceti upon what some seamen call the Enchanted Ground.Home Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Q & A character sketch of jerome,georg Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) character sketch of jerome,george,harris,montmorencymrs poppet,uncle podger,herr slossen boschen,stivvings.

Notable sketches from Seasons 1–6 Good Burger. Seasons 1–5, 9–10; A sketch took place at a fast food restaurant called Good Burger featuring a clueless cashier, Ed.(played by Kel Mitchell in Seasons 1–5 and Ryan Coleman in Seasons 9–10).

The skits later became the premise for the Good Burger starring Kel Mitchell, reprising his role as Ed, and Kenan Thompson as a new character named. Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog), published in , is a humorous account by English writer Jerome K.

Jerome of a two-week boating holiday on the Thames from Kingston upon Thames to Oxford and back to Kingston. The book was initially intended to be a serious travel guide, with accounts of local history along the route, but the humorous elements took over to the point where the.

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"Drunk Cops" (Season 2, Episode 3) A brief, Cops-spoofing interlude that, following the previous season's Ronnie Dobbs sketch, comes across as little more than reheated leftovers. Sketch Third Rock Rodondo "For they this hight the Rock of vile Reproach, A dangerous and dreadful place, To which nor fish nor fowl did once approach.

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